All things considered, it was a really good day. The Chaps picked up a season opening win behind starting pitcher Levi “Moose” Westerlund and Jeremy Filipek. Those two combined for a quick shutout victory against McLennan, and thanks to a middle inning run, made the 1-0 victory the first in the book. 

The second game, just as exciting, unfortunately didn’t go as well for the Chaps as we took a loss. Nick Salois threw well, as did Monty McCasland and Keanu Ramos, but a few mishaps in the field and some timely hits for McLennan dropped the Chaps to a .500 win/loss percentage after a 3-7 defeat.

We came back to the hotel and had an awesome dinner from Blanek’s Custom Catering and were left to our own devices for the rest of the evening.

Game time is set for 12 pm tomorrow. Jayden O’Dell will be taking the mound for the Chaps and after the 9 inning game we will be hitting the road back to Midland. Unfortunately we will be missing the Super Bowl (and this is really making our left fielder, Ethan Kohnle, extremely irritable). 

Wish us luck.

Go Chaps!

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