It took a while…but we are back!

I first off have to say that I am extremely sorry to anyone who as been keeping up with this blog that I haven’t posted anything for quite a while. Truth is, I almost forgot how much of a whirlwind the spring semester is when baseball season is involved. Between class, practice, road trips and games, the lack of energy after all four events are enough to make you neglect any outside duties, and for that, I am sorry.

On the note for baseball, since my last blog, the Chaps have fit in four games. We would have six games in the books if it wasn’t for some extremely cold weather during the past week that forced us to reschedule our double header against Ranger College until the 29th of February. 

On Wednesday the 15th, we took a three hour trip out to Abilene to play a double-header against Hill College on the campus of Hardin-Simons University. Let’s just say between the decently low temperature, heavy winds and a few of the members of the team dealing with some sickness, it didn’t make for a wonderful day, but we were playing baseball, so I wasn’t going to complain. We showed some hesitation at the plate and it ended up costing us a loss in the first game, 5-3. Game 2 however started with us hitting hill hard, and ended with us continuing to hit them hard. The final score of the game was 7-2, but the score doesn’t represent what the game was really like. Putting up 10 hits in the first 5 innings is what we call an “abrupt punch in the face” to another team, and we did exactly that. Put another “W” in the books for the Chaps.

Tonight, we played the first of two double-headers for the weekend. We went head-to-head with Colby Community College from Colby, Kansas. Game 1 was a nice, quick paced 7-inning victory for us, as we hit beat Colby 6-2. Game 2 slowed us down a little bit as the bats went silent for a while after a few mishaps and hit streaks left us in a 3-run hole in the first inning. We clawed our way back with 2 runs in the the 2nd inning, but as it came down the wire, and after a few missed opportunities and shutout innings, we ran into the 7th inning down 2-4. Thanks to a natural tenacity at the plate and some solid pitching from Garhett Avery and Jake Bateman, we were able to hang in and bring 2 runs across the plate and force extra innings. 

Bases loaded, 2 down, and Patrick Lopez steps up the the plate. Curveball. No problem. Lopez smashed a 2-strike curveball into the left-center gap and plated the winning run for us. A quick team mobbing on the field and shaking of the hands ended our evening. 2 more “W”s in the book. That’s 3 in a row…That’s what is known as a streak…and if we keep playing the way we know we can, that streak is about to get a lot bigger. 

Tune in tomorrow evening for the results of our double-header against Seward Community College, or if you want/can, stop in at Christensen Stadium at 12 and watch it for yourself! We have Keanu Ramos and Jayden O’Dell on the mound for us and it should make for a good day at the ballpark!

Go Chaps!

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