The time has come…

There are always going to be rough spots in a season. After going 3-1 against Western Texas three weeks ago, the Chaps ran head first into a self-made brick wall up in Clarendon against Clarendon College. After blowing leads in both games 1 and 3, the Chaps suffered run-rule losses to add insult to injury before heading into spring break.

The three day break came at the perfect time in the schedule and allowed all the players to get away from the field and the classroom and get a refreshed mindset as they look forward to the long stretch toward the end of the season. 

The first test back came against Vernon College in a single, 9 inning game. The Chaps took a 10-2 win in the mid-week contest to produce a team edge for the true test that will take place this weekend, the 4-game conference set against the Hawks of Howard College.

The Chaps have reworked the lineup and pitching staff and are looking to take on the No.1 ranked Hawks head on.

The first two games of the series will start at 3 pm at Christensen Stadium on Friday and will wrap up in Big Spring at noon. 

The pitching rotation for the weekend will be RHP Levi Westerlund, RHP Keanu Ramos, LHP Colter Bostick and RHP Jayden O’Dell. 

Hope to see you at the ballpark.



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Two for Three

Day 1

After coming off of a great 4-0 weekend against two solid Kansas teams, the Chaps went head-to-head with Region V rivals, and nationally ranked, Weatherford College.

Energy levels were soaring as the team took the field Friday evening for the series opening, nine-inning matchup. Levi Westerlund took the mound for the Chaps, and with the exception of two, one-run innings, was dominate through 7.1 innings. In the 8th, with men in scoring position and the score tied at 2-2, Monty McCasland came into the game for a left-on-left matchup and came up with a huge strikeout to kill some Weatherford momentum. This gave way for Hunter Flake to come in and force a quick pop-fly to end the inning and let the Chaps get back to the plate. 

So far in the season, the Chaps have proven that late-inning dramatics and crooked numbers is going to the be trend for the season, and they continued to show this by putting up four more runs in the bottom of the 8th. Blair Beck, Hunter McFall and Tyler Barlow all had great at-bats that helped put the Chaps on top. 

With the score now at 6-2, Flake took the mound to close the game out. After giving up two quick hits and a run, Flake never lost focus, and proceeded to SHUT THEM DOWN! 

Chaps win, 6-3!

Day 2

Some days just don’t start out as well as others, but you have to find a way to battle through whatever problems you are having, as did the Chaps on Saturday afternoon. 

The Chaps started the game off by giving up three errors in the first, allowing Weatherford to put two runs on the board. The Chaps answered back by putting up one run. The next inning, Weatherford tacked on three more runs, and shut the Chaps down in the bottom of the 2nd. From that point on, it was no longer a baseball game, but a tug-o-war match on the scoreboard. Here’s the run down: 3rd: them 2, us 3. 4th, them 2, us 4. 5th, them 2, us 2.

Up to this point in the game, the Chaps had seen two pitchers. Jayden O’Dell had started the game and went 2.2 innings. His relief, Garhett Avery, went 1.2 innings. Colter Bostick came in relief of Avery and after getting out of an already blemished 5th inning, went on to throw the only two shutout innings for the Chaps in the game. 

With the score going into the 6th at 10-11 in Weatherford’s favor, the Chaps had multiple opportunities to tie and/or seal up a “W”, but were unable to capitalize. The only bright spot after a game like that is knowing that there is another game starting in 30 minutes.

Game 2 looked as if it may be off to the same start that game 1 had experienced as Weatherford put up two runs on the board in the first inning off of starting pitcher, Nick Salois. Salois settled in and put up a scoreless second inning, allowed only 1 run in the third and the Chaps started to show life at the plate by putting up their first run in the bottom of the the third.

After another scoreless inning by Salois in the fourth, the Chaps came in and put up two more runs, making it a 3-3 game. Weatherford broke through the tie game by putting up another 2 runs on the board, but this time, the Chaps decided to not only come back even with Weatherford, but put them in the dust. The inning started with a Matt Reyes double, followed by a Tyler Barlow double and highlighted with a Jeremie Fagnan homerun! This continued after Patrick Lopez was issued a walk and was brought in by a Blair Beck single to left. Beck scored on a Steve Withrow single and after Luke Slentz took a walk, Withrow scored on a single by Reyes. 

Salois gave the Chaps one more inning of work before giving way to Jeremy Filipek who finished out the game. Weatherford only managed to bring in two more runs in the the game after the fifth, as the Chaps brought in four more runs. The Chaps earned a 13-7 victory, and a series win.

The Chaps will be playing a double-header against Ranger College on Wednesday and from then on, it is conference time for Midland College.

Go Chaps!

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Put two more in the books!

It was cold and foggy and the attitude of the weather did a quality job of summing up the first few innings of play for the Chaps this morning. A few errors and missed opportunities at the plate left the Chaps in a 3 run hole. But, as in most cases with cold and cloudy mornings, the sun will come out and it will start to heat up, as did the case for the Chaps this morning. Ethan Kohnle, who just celebrated his 19th birthday last night, hit a massive, opposite field homerun. Minutes later, Patrick Lopez blasted another bomb to the exact same place! From there, the Chaps managed to bring one more run across in the inning to follow. Keanu Ramos held his ground on the mound and prevented Seward from scoring and gave his offense enough time to bring one more run across, in the form of a Luke Slentz homerun!

Top of the 7th… Ramos went back onto the mound and got a quick strikeout, but immediately pegged the next batter and coach Coleman decided to bring in the Canadian, Jeremy Filipek, to close it out. Unfortunately, after issuing a walk and striking out another batter, Filipek gave up a triple to even up the score at 5-5. Filipek struck out the next batter and the Chaps went back to the plate.

All I can say about the last inning is that I am guilty of getting too amped up and into the game that I can’t honestly remember what the chain of events were, but I do know that with 2 outs, Tyler Barlow came to the plate, the bases were loaded and he came up CLUTCH!!!! A game ending walk-off hit put another “W” in the books for the Chaps. It was AWESOME!

Game 2 started off with a little bit more of a positive bang for the Chaps as Jayden O’Dell took the first inning by storm with 3 straight strikeouts. O’Dell’s fastball was reaching into the mid-90’s. The 2nd brought a three hit, 2 run inning for Seward and the Chaps continued to be shut out. Finally, in the 5th inning, the Chaps tacked on 5 runs, thanks to a few Seward misfortunes and a sting of Midland hits. Monty McCasland came in to pitch a solid, scoreless sixth and Hunter Flake closed it out in the seventh to seal up a 4-0 weekend for the Chaps.

Now, it’s back to the dorms to study up! Unlike back in high school, we still have to go class on President’s Day, so a few of us have some homework to do. Our next game will be at 3 pm on Friday, February 24th here in Midland at Christensen Stadium!

Go Chaps!

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It took a while…but we are back!

I first off have to say that I am extremely sorry to anyone who as been keeping up with this blog that I haven’t posted anything for quite a while. Truth is, I almost forgot how much of a whirlwind the spring semester is when baseball season is involved. Between class, practice, road trips and games, the lack of energy after all four events are enough to make you neglect any outside duties, and for that, I am sorry.

On the note for baseball, since my last blog, the Chaps have fit in four games. We would have six games in the books if it wasn’t for some extremely cold weather during the past week that forced us to reschedule our double header against Ranger College until the 29th of February. 

On Wednesday the 15th, we took a three hour trip out to Abilene to play a double-header against Hill College on the campus of Hardin-Simons University. Let’s just say between the decently low temperature, heavy winds and a few of the members of the team dealing with some sickness, it didn’t make for a wonderful day, but we were playing baseball, so I wasn’t going to complain. We showed some hesitation at the plate and it ended up costing us a loss in the first game, 5-3. Game 2 however started with us hitting hill hard, and ended with us continuing to hit them hard. The final score of the game was 7-2, but the score doesn’t represent what the game was really like. Putting up 10 hits in the first 5 innings is what we call an “abrupt punch in the face” to another team, and we did exactly that. Put another “W” in the books for the Chaps.

Tonight, we played the first of two double-headers for the weekend. We went head-to-head with Colby Community College from Colby, Kansas. Game 1 was a nice, quick paced 7-inning victory for us, as we hit beat Colby 6-2. Game 2 slowed us down a little bit as the bats went silent for a while after a few mishaps and hit streaks left us in a 3-run hole in the first inning. We clawed our way back with 2 runs in the the 2nd inning, but as it came down the wire, and after a few missed opportunities and shutout innings, we ran into the 7th inning down 2-4. Thanks to a natural tenacity at the plate and some solid pitching from Garhett Avery and Jake Bateman, we were able to hang in and bring 2 runs across the plate and force extra innings. 

Bases loaded, 2 down, and Patrick Lopez steps up the the plate. Curveball. No problem. Lopez smashed a 2-strike curveball into the left-center gap and plated the winning run for us. A quick team mobbing on the field and shaking of the hands ended our evening. 2 more “W”s in the book. That’s 3 in a row…That’s what is known as a streak…and if we keep playing the way we know we can, that streak is about to get a lot bigger. 

Tune in tomorrow evening for the results of our double-header against Seward Community College, or if you want/can, stop in at Christensen Stadium at 12 and watch it for yourself! We have Keanu Ramos and Jayden O’Dell on the mound for us and it should make for a good day at the ballpark!

Go Chaps!

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Last night, we held our home opening games against Ranger College. I’m not going to say we played flawless baseball, but I’ll say that we came out on top and put 2 more wins on our record and that’s all that counts. 

The team will travel to Ranger on Saturday to wrap up the rest of the 4-game series.

Go CHAPS! (3-2)

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Well game 3 didn’t go as well as planned. A few mishaps in the first and fifth innings cost us, but overall I will not say that it was a bad weekend. Our batting showed that it could be very strong and our pitching displayed serious power. 

The 6 hour bus ride home passed by pretty fast after watching 3 movies and when we rolled back onto campus at 9:36 pm, we were all worn out from the road and we went straight to bed. 

Monday mornings are never fun, no matter who you are or what you do, but after a long weekend and bus trip, waking up for your monday morning classes is not on the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, team rules state that we have to attend all classes, so that task got immediately bumped up to #1. 

We had a great practice this afternoon and are extremely excited for the home opener on Wednesday at 1 pm against Ranger College! As I am typing this, we are working on putting our walk out songs together to make the show even more impressive for all those who come out to watch the game.

Hope y’all can come out!


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All things considered, it was a really good day. The Chaps picked up a season opening win behind starting pitcher Levi “Moose” Westerlund and Jeremy Filipek. Those two combined for a quick shutout victory against McLennan, and thanks to a middle inning run, made the 1-0 victory the first in the book. 

The second game, just as exciting, unfortunately didn’t go as well for the Chaps as we took a loss. Nick Salois threw well, as did Monty McCasland and Keanu Ramos, but a few mishaps in the field and some timely hits for McLennan dropped the Chaps to a .500 win/loss percentage after a 3-7 defeat.

We came back to the hotel and had an awesome dinner from Blanek’s Custom Catering and were left to our own devices for the rest of the evening.

Game time is set for 12 pm tomorrow. Jayden O’Dell will be taking the mound for the Chaps and after the 9 inning game we will be hitting the road back to Midland. Unfortunately we will be missing the Super Bowl (and this is really making our left fielder, Ethan Kohnle, extremely irritable). 

Wish us luck.

Go Chaps!

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